Our Present

Belles Service Organization has expanded and evolved immensely since our foundation.  We have grown from doing only on campus service (such as serving at masses and formal university functions) to serving throughout the greater Los Angeles area.  Belles serve in incredible communities at our 6 placements.  Additionally, we have established domestic violence awareness as our primary focus.  Throughout the month of October, we host events to educate and raise awareness about domestic violence.  Although DVA is our focus, we continue to educate ourselves on various other social justice topics, such as feminism, homelessness, etc.  We reflect greatly on the intersectionality between social justice issues, especially how they intersect with domestic violence.  In addition to serving through action and forming connections, Belles annually hosts Charity Ball in collaboration with Crimson Circle Service Organization.  Proceeds are donated to our service sites in order to help fund their programs and projects.