Our Present

Belles currently serve weekly at the five placements below.  Women sign up each week for the placement of their choice, and many make a commitment to remain consistent at a particular site for one semester.

Bread & Roses Café
[ http://www.stjosephctr.org/bread_roses.html ]
Women attend Bread & Roses on weekday mornings and assist with preparing meals for and serving homeless individuals in the Santa Monica area.

Good Shepherd Shelter
[ http://www.goodshepherdshelter.org/ ]
Women attend Good Shepherd Shelter to help in children’s classrooms and with various programs at the shelter for victims of domestic abuse.

Lange Foundation
[ http://www.langefoundation.com/index/Home.html ]
Women visit the Lange Foundation animal shelter in West Los Angeles and help maintain the facility by walking dogs and visiting with cats.

Richstone Family Center
[ http://www.richstonefamily.org/ ]
On weekdays, women attend Richstone Family Center to tutor middle schools students in the “Kid’s Club” after school program.  Belles also attend the Saturday kid’s program to help with activities.

Girl’s Inc
[ http://www.girlsincla.org/ ]
Women visit our newest placement to empower and inspire girls at different schools across Los Angeles. Belles assist in special Girl’s Inc classes to mentor girls as they grow into their fullest selves.